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Prevent Insomnia and Purify Your Air – with These Plants!

Plants not only beautify your home; many of them actually improve your health.  You know chemical pollution can damage health. If you have difficulty getting enough sleep, it is hard to be productive during the day, and lack of sleep also adversely affects your immune system. But if you select the right plants for your home, they can act as air purifiers and help prevent insomnia.

Here are the five best plants to support oxygen production and healthy sleep:


Lavender is a popular scent, frequently found in candles, teas, oils, and all sorts of body care products. This plant is known to be one of the most effective at preventing insomnia because of its calming and soothing properties. A few lavender stalks in a sachet under your pillow lets you inhale the fragrance so you relax and fall asleep easily.

Aloe Plant

Every home should have an Aloe Vera plant or two. The gel in the stalks of the plant reduces inflammation, soothes burns, and reduces scarring. One of its less recognized qualities is as a detoxifying agent. An Aloe plant in the environment eliminates harmful chemicals from cleaning products. Aloe is also a reliable indicator of chemical contamination in your air. When contamination is present, you will see brown spots on the Aloe plant.

Snake plant

The name is intimidating, but the snake plant produces a large amount of life-giving oxygen. Keep this plant in your house and it will freshen and lighten the air. Sufficient oxygen also improves your ability to concentrate and your alertness. It prevents the dizziness and nausea that can result from an oxygen shortage.


The fragrant Jasmine plant is better than a sleeping pill. It reduces anxiety and boosts your mood, and can even enhance the quality of your dreams.


English Ivy

English ivy has long been a popular houseplant. It is easy to grow and does not need much sun to flourish. Ivy is a powerful air filter, capable of absorbing large amounts of formaldehyde. Keeping it in your bedroom will significantly improve your sleep.



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