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How to Make Your Own Healthy Cleaning Products (VIDEO)

Just because your home is clean, doesn’t necessarily mean it’s healthy. In fact, the more you are using toxic cleaning products made from petroleum-based chemicals, the more unhealthy your home may be. It’s time to take a look at natural alternatives.

Many commercial cleaning products have dangerous chemical ingredients not listed on the labels, because by designating an ingredient part of a “secret formula,” it can be omitted from labeling. A lot of these secret ingredients are toxic and even carcinogenic (cancer-causing). Even cleaning products that say they are “green” or “eco-friendly” may contain ingredients damaging to your health.

The best way to reducing your chemical exposure, and that of your family, is to use only natural, plant-based cleaning products. Some good brands are Ecover, Mrs. Meyers, Seventh Generation, Sun & Earth, and Orange Plus. They may be slightly more expensive, but they are also more concentrated and last longer.

Another great approach, and a very cost-effective method, is to make your own natural cleaning products. To create your own, start with these easily obtainable, inexpensive ingredients:

Baking soda
Hydrogen peroxide
Liquid castile soap
Organic essential oils (optional)
Mixing bowls
Spray bottles
Micro fiber cloths
Vodka (optional)

Baking soda is an excellent scrub for kitchens and baths. Add a few drops of essential oil, and you will also be adding healthy fragrance. You can mix baking soda with apple cider vinegar to create a bubbly concoction that has multiple purposes. Use it as a drain cleaner, and it also makes a great bath soak. When you’re done, use it to clean the tub and drain. Baking soda can also be used as a fabric softener, and to polish silver.

Vinegar can be mixed with liquid castile soap, essential oil, and filtered water, then used to clean floors, windows, bath, and kitchen. It can be a fabric softener, or put it in the wash cycle to prevent fading. Use it to clean windows, then wipe the window with a microfabric cloth.

Borax is safe and non-toxic, and is a good laundry booster. Borax can also remove mold.

Hydrogen peroxide is much safer than chlorine bleach for disinfecting and whitening. Another good whitener is lemon juice.

Liquid Castile Soap is safer than commercial products, and can be used for everything from household cleaning to shampooing and hand washing.

Avoid synthetic fragrances and air cleaners. Instead, opt for organic essential oils, which actually support health.

Vodka can be used in a spray bottle to freshen up upholstery; it is inexpensive, non-toxic, and the alcohol will evaporate. Also avoid hand sanitizers, and use the plant-based formulas available at the health food store.

The video above includes lots of great tips for making your own cleaning products.

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