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Change Your Diet and Starve Cancer Cells

Our bodies always have some malignant cells, but most of the time they are controlled by our immune systems. As we’ve seen, however, cancer rates have risen. The causes range from environmental to emotional. But diet is certainly a factor, and you have more control over the development of cancer than you may realize. In fact, you can remove one food from your diet, and greatly increase your chances of avoiding cancer.

For almost a century, since the 1920s, health experts have been telling us cancer loves sugar. Dr. Otto Wartburg, the German physiologist, leading biochemist, medical doctor, and Nobel laureate, theorized that cancer developed because of cells that produced energy via adenosine triphosphate (APT), through a nonoxidative breakdown of glucose (sugar). Recycling the metabolite that results from this process called glycolysis, and the resulting circulation of adhA back into the body created anaerobic respiration. The opposite happens with healthy cells, which generate energy by the oxidative breakdown of pyruvate, the end product of glycolysis. This oxidizes the mitochondria of the cells. Wartburg believed cancer is actually a mitochondrial dysfunction, through which the usual process of respiration of oxygen in the body is changed to the fermentation of glucose. If you take away sugar from your body, it will not develop cancer.

Most modern oncologists are not attuned to nutrition. They fail to tell cancer patients the importance of getting off sugar. And on the prevention side, doctors fail to warn you, the healthy patient, that eating processing foods loaded with sugar is setting you up for the potential development of cancer.

Much of the food in the standard American diet (SAD) is processed and packaged. In fact, for many people, those foods comprise most of their diet. If you eat cakes, cookies, candies, you know you are ingesting sugar. But the real culprits are the sugars and refined carbohydrates (which the body converts to sugar) hidden in everything else, from yogurt to cereals to whole what bread.

If you want to starve out potential cancer in your body, begin by eliminating pre-packaged convenience foods. Eat fresh vegetables and a couple of fruits a day, particularly berries; protein like chicken, fish or grass-fed beef; and healthy fats such as olive oil, avocado, and coconut oil.

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