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  • 5 Ways Business Can Help Telecommuters Stay Healthy Read more >

    5 Ways Business Can Help Telecommuters Stay Healthy

    At a recent meeting of the Global Wellness Institute, a roundtable of experts in the fields of medicine, business, health, science, research and media discussed current trends in the workplace, and their impact on the health of workers. They all made note of the fact that more people are working remotely from home, particularly in […]

  • The Health-Giving Bond Between Humans and Horses Read more >

    The Health-Giving Bond Between Humans and Horses

    The bond between horses and human beings has extended throughout history. While working horses still play a role in the world, most of us no longer depend on them for transportation. Today, though, many people have horses as pets and companions, and they also serve in the field of equine therapy. Equine therapy is the […]

  • Choose Celery for Health Read more >

    Choose Celery for Health

    Celery juice is chock full of nutrients, and one of the healthiest juices you can make. Among its many benefits, it balances the pH of the body. The high acidity caused by our excessive consumption of processed foods contributes to inflammation in our bodies, and celery reduces that inflammation. Celery leaves are a rich source […]

  • Goldie Hawn’s 5 “Get Happy” Tips Read more >

    Goldie Hawn’s 5 “Get Happy” Tips

    Since she burst on the scene as the zany blonde in Rowan and Martin’s Laugh In, Goldie Hawn has been known for her happy giggles. Almost fifty years later, she still believes in finding all the joy possible in life. Recently she wrote an article based on her book, 10 Mindful Minutes. In the article, […]

  • Bountiful B Vitamins Read more >

    Bountiful B Vitamins

    Nutritionists suggest we think of B vitamins as a family. There are eleven members of the vitamin B complex, and they work together as a team. It is important to take them together.

  • How to Make Great Juice in Your Blender Read more >

    How to Make Great Juice in Your Blender

    If you want to make healthy juice at home, you may think you have to invest in an expensive juicer. Not true, says raw food expert Mimi Kirk. She says you can make even better juice using the blender you probably already have in your kitchen. The 77-year-old Kirk has just completed her third raw […]

  • The End of Diet Soda? Read more >

    The End of Diet Soda?

    When Americans began to understand the dangers of unlimited sugar consumption, many people turned away from sugared soft drinks to diet soda. Now research has demonstrated that aspartame, the primary sweetener used in diet soda, is one of the most dangerous food additives currently in use. It is known to cause seizures and many other […]

  • 12 Ways to Calm an Overactive Mind Read more >

    12 Ways to Calm an Overactive Mind

    Do you feel as though your mind never stops churning? Is it hard to focus on your work, or projects, or just be quietly present in your relationships? Do you have trouble falling asleep at night, because you cannot quiet your thoughts? You may have an overactive mind, and it can be exhausting. Here are […]

  • Top 10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts Read more >

    Top 10 Reasons to Eat Sprouts

    Americans are increasingly interested in healthy food that is locally grown. Sprouts are the ultimate healthy, homegrown plants, rich in nutritional and environmental benefits. Here are the top 10 reasons to make sprouts part of your healthy diet. 1. Sprouts have up to 100 times more enzymes than other raw vegetables and fruits. Enzymes are […]

  • What is Laughter Yoga? Read more >

    What is Laughter Yoga?

    There is a new kind of yoga, and it is gaining an enthusiastic following. Laughter yoga was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, who knew both yoga and laughter offer significant health benefits. In fact, studies show laughter can relieve pain, increase happiness and strengthen the immune system. Laughter yoga clubs now exist all over the […]

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