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Add This One Thing to Your Diet and Start Losing Weight Now

Americans are fatter than ever. Seventy-one percent are overweight, and a full 48% are obese. If you are among those people, you undoubtedly know losing weight will benefit your health. The question is, how can you succeed?

Drastic diet and exercise programs may help you drop pounds in the short term, but they are unlikely to work for long. It is too difficult to maintain a radical lifestyle change. When you return to your regular habits, you will probably regain the weight. A better plan is to select diet and physical activity changes that you can easily incorporate into your routine, and stick to for life.

Add This Ingredient to Any Drink to Start Losing Weight Today

A number of studies show that coconut oil is a weight-loss friendly fat. Research shows that adding coconut oil to your diet helps you lose fat, particularly dangerous abdominal fat. Include coconut oil to your diet to improve your health, and your efforts to lose weight will be supported, as well.


Coconut oil has a high level of medium chain triglycerides (MCT). These are fatty acids that are metabolized differently than most other fats, and they have beneficial effects on metabolism.

Extensive research has shown that MCT can boost metabolism. In one study, energy expenditure was increased by 120 calories per day. Also, the ketone bodies which are produced by the liver when you eat coconut oil exert a powerful appetite reducing effect. In one research study of 14 healthy men, subjects who ate MCTs at breakfast consumed many fewer calories at their midday meal. We can conclude that adding coconut oil to your diet will suppress your appetite, and you will eat less of other foods as a result.

A good way to incorporate coconut oil into your diet is in hot coffee or tea. If you would like to include it in cold drinks, consider putting it into smoothies or in yogurt.

You don’t need to consume a lot of coconut oil to derive the benefit. Most research studies have used about 30 grams daily, or two tablespoons. You can also replace some of the cooking oil you currently use with coconut oil.



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