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9 Steps to Healthy Eating

Nutrition is the cornerstone of your health. Whether you are hoping to lose weight, bring down your blood pressure, or simply gain energy for your daily life, healthy eating is your path to success. Fortunately, eating better is really pretty simple.

Here are nine steps to healthy eating:

1. Fill Your Fridge With Healthy Foods

The first step to take on your path to healthy eating is to reduce temptation. So start with your refrigerator, by throwing out unhealthy foods and replacing them with lots of colorful organic vegetables, fruit, chicken and wild-caught fish.

2. Stock Your Pantry With Healthy Ingredients

Next turn your attention to your pantry. Toss all the sugary cereals and baked goods, and boxes of processed foods. Replace those with canned beans and whole grains.

3. Plan Meals in Advance

Meal planning will help you avoid impulse buys, restaurant dining and fast food drive-through runs. Planning in advance also allows you to leverage your food dollar by buying in bulk and utilizing leftovers.

4. Make Your Own Food

You’ve planned ahead; now implement the plan by cooking at home. This puts you completely in control of your nutritional intake. Don’t worry if you’re not an experienced cook. There are thousands of recipes on the internet for simple, easy-to-prepare healthy meals.

5. Make the Most of Your Freezer

A freezer is one of the best tools you can own for a healthy lifestyle. Empty it of frozen pizza, cookie dough, and TV dinners. Instead, cook in bulk, and freeze meals in advance.

6. Think 24 Hours at a Time

As you plan your meals, take a bird’s eye view. Make sure you build in the nutrients you need within a 24-hour period, including fruits and vegetables, whole grains, healthy fats and plenty of protein.

7. Replace Processed Food with Whole Foods

Processed food is packed with chemicals, many of them dangerous to your health. Replace those with fresh, organic ingredients.

8. Eat Quick, Easy Breakfasts

For many people, eating a healthy breakfast is a major challenge. It’s just so easy to pour a bowl of cereal or grab a sweet roll. Instead, make overnight oatmeal or a chia pudding with fruit and fiber – or blend up a nutritious smoothie.

9. Learn to Love Your Coffee And Tea without Sugar and Cream

It is an acquired taste, but once you eliminate sugar from your hot drinks, you’ll be surprised how quickly your tastes will adjust. Cut out the dairy, and you’re on the road to better health.

Approach your new project with a sense of fun and adventure. A big part of this plan is honoring your home as your safe place, where you can go to nurture and protect your health.

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