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5 Things You Should Know About That Trendy Green Juice

Green JuiceOne of the hottest health food trends is green juice. The colorful drink is everywhere, in juice bars and restaurants, and on the breakfast menu in health-conscious households. In fact, green juices has become synonymous with good health.

Not everyone is on board. A recent survey showed 28 percent of Americans think green juice is scary looking. Nine out of 10 say eating produce is better for them, but two-thirds think drinking their vitamins is more convenient. Whether you are a skeptic or a green juice aficianado, here are five things you should know:

1. It tastes better than you might imagine.

While kale, spinach, and lettuce may be bitter on their own, most green juice includes fruit and other goodies like mint, lime juice and ginger.

2. The carbs can add up quickly.

Many prepared green juices, and even juice made at home, often contain way more concentrated fruit sugar than you would normally consume.

3. It is not as filling as whole produce.

Juicing is a great way to add more produce into your diet, but juicing removes fiber. Even when fiber is added back in, juice is not as satisfying as eating whole fruits or vegetables. This is important if you are trying to control your calories.

4. It can crowd out other vegetables.

Green vegetables are good for you, but so are all red vegetables, and orange and yellow vegetables. Research has shown that eating a wide variety of veggies is best for your health.

5. It can be much more expensive than eating your vegetables.

One bottle of prepared green juice can cost from between $3.50 and $11.00. A good home juicer can cost as much as $500, and large amounts of produce are required to make one glass of juice. If you are on a budget, it is much more cost-effective to grown a garden, show at a farmers market, or even buy frozen veggies.

The bottom line is, green juice is healthy, but it is not a panacea. For maximum health, enjoy it in moderation, and eat a wide variety of vegetables in an array of colors

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