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10 Signs You May Have Adult ADHD

ADHDAttention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is now widely recognized, and it is commonly diagnosed in children. But what about all the people who may have had ADHD in childhood, and are now grown up? The signs of ADHD in grownups are different than those in children. If you think you, or someone close to you, may have ADHD, here are some possible indicators.

10 Signs of Adult ADHD:

1. Trouble Getting Organized – Adults with ADHD have difficulty with the organizational challenges of daily life, from house cleaning to preparing meals to paying bills on time.

2. Reckless Driving and Traffic Accidents – Because people with ADHD have trouble concentrating, you may not be the safest driver. You may be more likely to exceed the speed limit, have traffic accidents, and even lose your driver’s license.

3. Poor Listening Skills – People with ADHD often zone out during business meetings, or fail to register requests from others. If your spouse forgets to pick up a child, or often misses appointment, the problem may be ADHD.

4. Extremely Distractibility – If you have ADHD, you may have a history of problems at work, particularly if you work in an open concept, noisy setting. You will be easily distracted by phone calls and emails, and it is hard for you to complete tasks.

5. Marital Problems – Because people with ADHD have poor listening skills and an inability to follow through with commitments, marriage partners are often frustrated. If you are the one with the symptoms, you may feel your partner is constantly nagging or blaming you for things beyond your control.

6. Restlessness – If you have trouble relaxing, or if other people describe you as tense, you may be experiencing the adult version of “hyperactive.”

7. Difficulty Starting a Task – Procrastination is one sign of adult ADHD, particularly when you are faced with tasks that require focused attention.

8. Tardiness – People with adult ADHD are easily distracted from the task at hand, so they are often late.

9. Angry Outbursts – Many adults with ADHD are easily frustrated and subject to outbursts of anger over minor issues.

10. Troubles Prioritizing – People with adult ADHD often spend too much time on insignificant issues, while failing to recognize the most important things.

If you or a loved one fits this profile, work with your doctor on a treatment plan. ADHD is often treated with a combination of medications and talk therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy.

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